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W. Tombling Ltd.

Wembley House
Dozens Bank
West Pinchbeck
PE11 3ND

+44 (0) 1775 640 049

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Should I buy direct or through a dealer?
The internet is changing the way businesses buy products and services. Increasingly they prefer to buy direct from the manufacturer and arrange installation for themselves, this saves money because:

  • You don't pay the middleman's profits. No retail or wholesale mark-ups.
  • You don't pay design and planning fees. You design and plan your system - with free advice from our sales department if you need it.
  • You don't pay installation charges. Most of our equipment doesn't need specialist installation. You can fit it quickly and easily, following our step by step instructions. (some electrical equipment must be installed by a qualified electrician).

We are pleased to supply end users direct. However if you have any technical questions, or doubts, about your needs or your ability to install our equipment, please talk to either our sales department or a local expert before placing an order. Many of our products are manufactured to customers specific requirements and errors cannot be rectified after delivery.

Finding an authorised dealer or installer
We are currently in the process of updating our authorised dealer/installer list. It will appear here as soon as possible.

Becoming an installer  
We are often asked to recommend installers, so we are currently compiling a list of businesses who have experience installing our products.

We would like to hear from businesses who have installed our products, and want  to become a recommended installer. Please provide the name and address of a customer you have installed our products for. Once we have contacted them for their comments, if they are favourable we will be pleased to add you to the list.

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