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W. Tombling Ltd.

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How do I get a quotation?

As you navigate around our website, you will see red buttons labelled 'click for a quote' - example of quote button - clicking on any of these will enter our on line quoting system.

How quickly will I receive my quotation?

Most quotations are sent within 1 working day.

If a quote is going to take longer, we will let you know by email.

Am I under any obligation to buy if I request a quote?

Absolutely not. Quotations are completely free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase anything.

Why do you need my personal details?

Many of the products we sell are heavy and bulky. To calculate the delivery cost, we need to know your full delivery address including your post code or zip number.

How secure is the information I enter

The information you enter is completely secure, it will only be used to prepare your quotation. It will not be shared with any third parties, or used to send you unsolicited marketing materials (spam).

How long are quotations valid for?

Written quotations are valid for 30 days.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to most countries. However for legal reasons, we cannot send goods to North America (USA, Canada, etc.).

Where will your electrical products (heaters, fans, air conditioners) work?

Our products are designed to operate on UK and European electrical supplies (230/400V 50Hz). They are not compatible with American 60Hz supplies. Please make sure your electricity supply is suitable before requesting a quotation. See the product information pages for detailed requirements.

What are your trading terms, returns and guarantee policies?

See our terms of supply for full details regarding returns, guarantees, etc.

How do I open a credit account?

We do not open credit accounts for overseas businesses (including Southern Ireland). Payment must accompany all orders. Goods are not despatched until we have received payment in full.

Credit accounts are available to UK based businesses who regularly place orders with W. Tombling Ltd. Accounts will not be opened for one off orders, this policy is not negotiable.

Before applying for an account businesses must have placed at least 3 orders with W. Tombling Ltd within the previous 12 months. Once this is the case email sales for an application form.

Accounts not used for more than 12 months will be closed.

Why won't you supply the general public?

All of the products we sell are designed specifically for commercial or industrial use. For various technical reasons electricity supply requirements, etc. most are unsuitable for domestic use.

Also many of the items we supply require some specialist knowledge or skills to install or operate.

Therefore we recommend members of the public looking for HVAC products, look for a specialist domestic supplier who will be better equipped to satisfy their requirements.

Why haven't I received my quotation?

Many of the products we supply are designed to work on UK/European electricity supplies. They will not work in the USA or in countries which use the same electricity supply. Where this is the case, it is clearly stated. However people still request quotes, to save time our quote system automatically deletes requests from countries with incompatible electricity supplies.

You entered your email address incorrectly - you should have received an automated acknowledgement email when you requested your quote. If not, you entered your email address incorrectly, or your anti-spam software blocked it.

You entered an incomplete delivery address or no business name - our quote system automatically deletes partially completed quotations.

You are from Africa, particularly Nigeria, with over 80% of orders from parts of Africa being fraudulent, our quote system automatically deletes all quote requests from Africa.

Cookies and problems with our quote system

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. They cannot collect personal information from your computer or cause it harm in anyway.

Our quoting system uses cookies to store the products you are interested in and the quantities. If you have cookies disabled in your browser, you will not be able to use our on-line quote system, instead please contact sales for a quotation.

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