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Portable evaporative air coolers


SEA120 portable evaporative cooler

The SEA 120 portable industrial evaporative cooler cools large areas of up to 448 square meters (4832sq.ft.).

They are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops and factories, they produce high volumes of filtered, cooled fresh air reducing the indoor temperature and creating a more comfortable environment.

Maximum coverage approx. 448 square meters (4832sq. ft.)


Waycool portable evaporative air cooler

Our best selling portable evaporative cooler!

Waycool portable evaporative air coolers are designed for comfort cooling in open or well ventilated areas. They produce a powerful blast of cooled filtered air, making them perfect for cooling in factories, warehouses, workshops, loading bays, etc.

Waycool evaporative air coolers don’t need specialist installation, and are completely portable. Large easy roll castors allow them to be moved from place to place as required. They have built in water tanks that last for up to 10 hours of continuous use, and plug into a standard 13A UK socket.

Maximum coverage approx. 232 square meters (2500sq. ft.)


CoolCube portable evaporative cooler

The Coolcube portable evaporative cooler, cools, circulates and filters 1550 cubic meters of air per hour, creating a welcome breeze of cool fresh air. Fully mobile with easy glide castors, the Coolcube evaporative air cooler is easily positioned to provide cooling in areas ranging from offices, showrooms and gymnasiums, to shops, restaurants and warehouses.

Coolcube portable evaporative coolers don’t require permanent installation or a window exhaust. Just plug into a standard 13A electrical socket and fill with ordinary tap water for up to 8 hours of continuous cooling.

Maximum coverage approx. 85 square meters (910sq. ft.)


What size of evaporative cooler do I need?

Sizing commercial evaporative coolers is much easier than it is for a conventional refrigerated air conditioning system.

Evaporative air conditioners generally deliver warmer air than refrigerated air conditioners and therefore need to deliver more air to do the same job. The rule of thumb is to:

'always use the biggest evaporative cooler available'.

A large evaporative air cooler with a high output fan, large cooling pads and a low horsepower motor is more efficient than a smaller cooler with a high horsepower motor and small cooling pads.


Evaporative air coolers and legionnaires disease

Portable industrial evaporative coolers operate in a very different way to cooling towers and evaporative condensers, as a result despite there being over 4 million portable evaporative air coolers in use in the USA there is no evidence that one has caused an outbreak of legionnaires disease.

You are here:- home > cooling index > evaporative cooling homepage > portable evaporative air cooler index

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