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Evaporative cooling

Portable evaporative air coolers

Roll into position, fill with water, and plug into a standard 13A socket for instant cooling. Activair portable evaporative air coolers don't need specialist installation, permanent installation or exhaust hoses. They deliver powerful, efficient evaporative cooling wherever needed, at a fraction of the cost of conventional air conditioning.

Activair portable evaporative coolers are designed to cool factories, warehouses, workshops, loading bays, etc.


Evaporative cooling fans

Low cost evaporative cooling fans provide powerful evaporative cooling at a fraction of the cost of other types of evaporative coolers.

Evaporative fans are available in portable and fixed versions to suit most applications.


What is evaporative air cooling, how does it work and how effective is it?

Evaporative air cooling is a naturally occurring phenomenon. When air and water come into contact the water evaporates into the surrounding air, reducing its temperature. This is why on a hot day it is cooler near a lake, waterfall or fountain.

Evaporative cooling is the oldest known method of cooling. The ancient Egyptians used it to reduce the temperature inside their buildings. They placed water saturated cloth sacks in windows and doors, as warm air entered; it passed through the sacks and was cooled.


The differences between evaporative cooling equipment and air conditioners

Typically evaporative cooling equipment costs upto 50% less to purchase than an equivalent refrigerated air conditioner and upto 75% less to run.

To create a comfortable working environment using evaporative cooling, it is necessary to appreciate the differences between air conditioning and evaporative cooling equipment.


Which evaporative cooler do I need?

Evaporative coolers have been successfully used to create comfortable working conditions in a wide range of buildings and industries, where they provide a constant supply of fresh, cooled air, reducing the temperature and increasing worker morale and productivity.

The type of evaporative cooler used depends on the building and application.


Portable commercial evaporative cooling

Activair portable evaporative coolers are versatile, efficient units designed for commercial use in factories, workshops and warehouses. They produce filtered, humidified cooled air, which is often described as being similar to 'a refreshing sea breeze'.


You are here:- home > cooling index > evaporative cooling index

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