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Evaporative cooling in the UK

Evaporative cooling is the fastest growing area of the UK HVAC industry. From being virtually unheard of a few years ago, it has now become an accepted and widely used method of cooling large open spaces in factories, workshops and warehouses.

Evaporative coolers have been successfully used to create comfortable working conditions in a wide range of buildings and industries, where they provide a constant supply of fresh, cooled air, reducing the temperature and increasing worker morale and productivity.

Unlike conventional air refrigerated air conditioning, buildings do not have to be kept airtight, so doors, windows, loading bays, etc. can be left open.

Types of cooler

Pad based evaporative coolers – such as the Waycool compact portable evaporative air cooler and Coolcube portable evaporative cooler. Warm air is drawn through wet pads, which cool and filter the air removing pollen, dust and air borne particles.

They are suitable for use in small to medium sized areas, both indoors and out.

The Waycool is most effective when situated outdoors, using flexible ducting to blow cool air inside.

The Coolcube is ideal for use in well ventilated shops and offices, while the Compact is used in larger open areas, such as workshops and loading bays.

Fan based evaporative coolers – such as the XE1500 evaporative cooling fan or Aqua400 evaporative spot cooling fan. The fans produce a fine mist which flash evaporates cooling the air.

Particularly suited for use in large buildings with high ceilings, where people and objects will come into contact with the mist. Not recommended for small, or poorly ventilated areas.

Applications of evaporative cooling
Application Portable evaporative coolers Fixed evaporative coolers Evaporative fans
Loading bay  
Garage / body shop  
Construction site  
Aircraft hangar    
Temporary building / tent  
Glasshouse / polytunnel
Commercial kitchen / laundry  
Garden centre
Office / shop    
Outdoor sports / corporate events  
Farm building / dairy / poultry / stables  

To operate efficiently evaporative coolers depend on a constant supply of fresh air, therefore doors and windows must be kept open. In some situations it may be necessary to install supply or extractor fans to maintain a supply of fresh air.

There is an Activair evaporative cooler for most applications, however some very small or poorly ventilated area’s may not be suitable for evaporative cooling, in these situations consider installing Activair air conditioning instead.

You are here:- home > cooling index > evaporative cooling index > which evaporative cooler do I need?

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