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Commercial portable evaporative cooling

Portable evaporative air coolers

Waycool portable evaporative air coolers are robust, reliable units designed for continuous use in open or well ventilated spaces. They deliver high volumes of cool filtered air, at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning.

Wheel the Waycool evaporative cooler into position, plug into a convenient 13A electrical socket and fill with water, for powerful evaporative cooling wherever it's needed.


Portable evaporative cooler

The Coolcube is a quiet, attractive portable evaporative cooler that has been designed with the busy workplace in mind. With large cooling pads and a powerful fan the Coolcube delivers powerful cooling for areas of up to 455 sq ft. (42 m2).

The Coolcube evaporative cooler is extremely environmentally friendly - it runs on ordinary tap water and uses a fraction of the energy of a refrigerated air conditioner. Just wheel it into position, fill with water and plug into a convenient electrical socket for instant air movement and cooling.


Portable evaporative cooling fan

The HRSM portable evaporative cooling fan combines the proven nozzle-free design of the XE1500 evaporative cooling fan with a recirculation tank for portable high volume cooling. It produces 5382 m3/hr (3180CFM) of cooled air that can be felt up to 9m (30ft.) away.

The HRSM portable evaporative cooling fan is ideal for use where a mains water supply is not available, for example on construction sites, at outdoor events, in loading bays, etc.

You are here:- home > cooling index > evaporative cooling homepage > commercial portable evaporative cooling

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