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Mobile spot coolersMobile spot coolers and spot cooling for industry --------------

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MCM20 mobile spot cooler
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Mobile spot cooler (Discontinued)

The BCM230 is a powerful twin outlet 23,000BTU (6.7kw) mobile spot cooler. It is robust enough for any industrial application, yet smart enough for use in offices and reception areas.

Supplied with two 0.6m flexible hoses, chilled air is easily directed where needed, making the BCM230 mobile spot cooler the perfect machine for cooling specific processes, products, or equipment.

The BCM230 mobile spot cooler is portable and completely self contained. It is ready to use straight from the box, it doesn’t need specialist installation, and plugs into a standard 13A UK socket for immediate spot cooling.


Air is drawn into the spot cooler through grilles on the front and rear of the cooler. Hot damp air is expelled out of the top of the cooler, and cooled dry air comes out of the two outlets on the front of the cooler.

Moisture removed form the surrounding air is collected in the condensate tank, which is at the bottom of the cooler.


The BCM230 mobile spot cooler is a rugged machine constructed for demanding environments. It is built on a reinforced chassis and is housed in a tough steel case to withstand constant rough use.

Large diameter easy roll locking castors make the BCM230 fully portable and allow for safe and easy movement.

Hot air exhaust

The BCM230 industrial spot cooler is air cooled. Hot air is expelled via a 150mm (6in.) diameter 2m long flexible exhaust duct, which is stored inside the top of machine when not in use.

Condensation tank

Condensation removed from the air by the cooling process is collected in a large, easily removable collection tank. A cut-out turns the spot cooler off when the tank is full to prevent overflowing.

For continuous unattended operation the condensate tank can be fitted with a flexible hose.

BCM230 mobile spot cooler specification


Model   BCM230
Cooling output BTU
Airflow cfm
Operating temperature range (min - max) C 21 - 35
Supply voltage V 230
Supply current A 8.6
Nominal power W 2000
Supply phase   1
Supply frequency Hz 50
Supply connection   1.6m lead fitted with
13A UK mains plug
Refrigerant   R417A
Exhaust length (max)
Supplied with unit
Cooling duct length (max)
Supplied with unit
Weight Kg 60
Width mm 530
Depth mm 690
Height mm 1080
Price exc. delivery & VAT    
Made in the UK - United Kingdom Activair mobile spot coolers are manufactured in the UK

1 year warranty

The BCM230 mobile spot cooler is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. We are confident it will give years of trouble free operation. However in the unlikely event a fault does occur, it has a full 1 year return to base parts and labour warranty.

Electricity supply requirements.

The BCM230 spot cooler is designed for use with a single phase 230V 50Hz electrical supply, and is suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe and the Middle East.

It is not suitable for use in countries that use 60Hz electricity supplies, such as the USA.

In the UK it is supplied ready to use with a standard 13A UK plug.

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Smart enough for offices, yet tough enough for the factory. 1000’s of BCM230 mobile spot coolers are in use throughout the UK and Europe, providing flexible, efficient and reliable cooling.

You are here:- home > cooling index > spot cooling index > mobile spot cooler

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