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Activair spot coolers

BCM230 mobile spot cooler (Discontinued)

The BCM230 is a powerful twin outlet 23,000BTU (6.7kw) mobile spot cooler. It is robust enough for any industrial application, and the perfect solution for cooling specific processes or areas. Supplied with two 0.6m (2ft.) flexible hoses, chilled air is easily directed where it is needed most.

The BCM230 mobile spot cooler is portable and self contained. It is ready to use straight from the box, it doesn’t need specialist installation, and plugs into a standard 13A UK socket for immediate spot cooling.

MCM20 mobile spot cooler

BCM350 commercial spot cooler (Discontinued)

The BCM350 is our most powerful commercial spot cooler which plugs into a standard 13A UK electrical socket. It delivers a massive 35,000BTU (10kw) of chilled air, and is perfect for cooling areas up to 79 square meters (8535sq.ft.).

With the addition of an optional 4 head outlet and up to 16m (52ft.) of flexible ducting, the BCM35 portable air conditioner can supply chilled air to four areas simultaneously.

BCM27 commercial spot cooler

Spot coolers in industry

Air conditioning an entire building when cool air is required only in isolated areas is expensive and inefficient. Spot cooling is a cost effective and efficient way to reduce the temperature in problem areas.

Spot coolers focus cold air exactly where required, cooling overheating machinery, manufacturing processes, finished products or workers.


You are here:- home > cooling index > spot coolers index

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