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Outdoor infrared heater

hlw1500 outdoor infrared heater

The HLW1500 weatherproof outdoor infrared heater is designed to withstand rain and direct water jets. It is intended for use outdoors either mounted on a wall, suspended overhead, or fixed under a parasol or awnings, but it is also used indoors where damp or water are present, or where its sleek modern appearance is prefered.

The quartz tungsten infrared lamp has been developed to deliver instant infrared heat with minimal glare, so users feel immediate warmth accompanied by a comfortable orange glow.


  • Corrosion and weather proof - aluminium and stainless steel construction to IP55
  • Versatile - wall mounted, suspended, or pole mounted. Supplied complete with a pole clamp
  • Compact modern design - attractive rounded casing, which has no sharp edges to catch or tear fabric parasols and awnings
  • Easy to control - compatible with PIR movement detectors, timers and dimmers.
  • Efficient - Unlike glass fronted heaters which absorb up to 20% of the infrared heat, the HLW1500 has a stainless steel finger guard which lets all the heat pass through.

Economical outdoor heating

The HLW1500 costs 7.5p per hour to run (assuming one unit of electricity costs 15p) approximately two thirds less than an equivalent bottled gas infrared heater.

Activair outdoor infrared heater specification


Model   HLW1500
Output W 1500
Supply voltage V 220 - 240
Maximum supply current A 6.5
Supply phase   1
Supply frequency Hz 50
Supply connection   1.8m H05SS-F 3 core 1.5mm lead
IP rating   55
Colour   white
Weight kg 1.7
Width mm 480
Depth (ex. wall bracket) mm 120
Height mm 120
Minimum mounting height mm 1800
Minimum air gap to ceiling / roof / parasol mm 500
Approx IR beam spread - wall mounted at 2.5m (w x d) m 4 x 3
Approx IR beam spread - overhead at 2.5m (w x d) m 6 x 4.8
Minimum safety distance m 1
Price ex. delivery & VAT   £149.00
Price inc. delivery & VAT   quote for portable heater
    in stock for immediate delivery

Activair outdoor infrared heaters are fully approved to BS EN 60335-2-30 and are CE marked.

Electrical Connection

Activair outdoor infrared heaters are fitted with a 1.8m long, 3 core 1.5mm high temperature lead (H05SS-F). They are supplied without a plug, and connection should be made using a suitable waterproof box, isolating switch, or plug and socket.

When the heater is installed outdoors, the circuit should be protected by a 30mA RCD (residual current device).

Download the user and installation instructions (pdf).

Energy saving controls

Our outdoor infrared heaters are inexpensive to run, however their running costs can be reduced further by the use of energy saving controls:-

Energy saving controls
HPIR - infra red movement detector Movement detector (HPIR) Maximum load 3kw
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
HVR1 - manual output controller Manual output control (HVR1) Maximum load 3kw
Not for outdoor use, unless fully protected from water ingress
HTIM - One touch timer for infra-red heaters Manual timer (HTIM) Maximum load 4.5kw
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Energy saving controls must only be installed by a competent person in accordance with local wiring regulations.

Calculating how many heaters are needed

Preferably the heaters should completely encircle the area being heated, if this is not possible they should at least oppose each other so that users feel heat from two sides. We recommend outdoor heaters are never installed singularly.

The heaters should be installed between 2 and 2.5m above floor level.

The output should be selected according to how sheltered the area is:-

Building type Watts / square meter
Roof only - no walls(*) 1000
Roof and three walls 750
Totally enclosed - glasshouse (see note below) 250 - 300

(*) Note: Assuming no windchill, if necessary windbreaks should be installed to reduce its effect. Increasing the number of heaters to counteract its effects does not work, the load required is impractical and leads to user complaints about burnt heads!

For totally enclosed spaces, glasshouses, pump rooms, swimming pools, laundries, etc, a normal heatloss calculation should be carried out.


A 3m by 2m outdoor smoking area with a roof and 3 walls requires = 2 x 3 x 750 = 4500w.

Installing 3 1500w HLW1500 heaters would suffice, however by installing 4, the heaters can be positioned to oppose each other with two on each 3m wall.


Activair outdoor infrared heaters are manufactured to the highest standards, and we are confident that they are completely reliable. However, in the unlikely event a fault may occur, they have a full 1 year return to base parts and labour guarantee.

Please note the infrared lamp is a consumable item, and as such is not covered by the guarantee. Under normal conditions the lifespan is approx 5000 hours, replacement lamps are available if required.

Stylish, flexible and economical outdoor heating

The HLW1500 is a an attractively styled modern outdoor infrared heater, with a specially designed low glare lamp. It can be wall mounted, suspended or fixed under parasols or awnings, and has a large heat 'footprint' (see spec. table above).

It is economical to run, costing approximately two thirds less to run per hour than an equivalent gas infrared heater.

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You are here:- home > heater index > radiant heating index > outdoor infrared heater

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