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This product is discontinued.
It has been replaced by the HLW1500 outdoor infrared heater

outdoor radiant heater
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Weatherproof infra-red radiant heaters

Activair outdoor infra-red radiant heaters are corrosion resistant, maintenance free, safe and easy to install. They are designed to:

  • Keep workers and customers warm outside
  • Keep entrances and emergency exits free of ice
  • Prevent frost damage to machinery and equipment

Activair outdoor infrared radiant heaters can also be used indoors in wet and humid environments such as glasshouses, car washes and pump rooms.

Available in 2kw 230V output only.
radiant heaters in an outdoor terraced restaurant
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Key features

  • Corrosion resistant – Grey white lacquered aluminium zinc panels, stainless steel finger guards and elements, and a weatherproof polycarbonate terminal box.
  • Maintenance free – Made from rustproof materials, with long life stainless steel elements.
  • Safe – Tough stainless steel element, unaffected by shocks or vibration, and won’t shatter if splashed by water.
  • Easy mountingMulti-purpose brackets for wall or ceiling mounting, or suspension from steel wire or chain.
  • Simple wiring – Suitable for serial connection.
  • Electrically isolated element – Prevents nuisance tripping of RCD's by preventing leakage current.
Activair outdoor radiant heaters


Model   FCIR12021
Element rating W 2000
Voltage V 230
Maximum current A 8.69
Mounting Height m 2 - 2.5
Maximum element temperature C 750
Warm up time to 90% output Mins 5
Protection class   IP 24
Weight kg 3.7
Colour   RAL 9002 grey white
Dimensions   Click for dimensions
Minimum clearances   Click for minimum clearances
Manual   Click for manual (pdf)

FCIR outdoor radiant heaters - approvals

The FCIR range of electric radiant outdoor heaters have been tested for conformity and compliance with the EC Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 89/336 /EEC & 92/31 EEC EC Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC, and are manufactured in accordance with the following stated harmonised standard(s) or other normative document(s):

EN 55 014: 1993
EN 60 555-2/3: 1991
EN 55 104

EN 60 335-1: 1988 incl. Am. 2, 5, 6, 51-54
EN 60 335-2-30: 1992 incl. Am. 51

Activair FCIR outdoor infra-red radiant heaters are CE marked.

Electricity supply requirements for FCIR infrared radiant heaters

Activair electric heaters are designed for use 230V single phase 50Hz supplies, and are suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


The FCIR range are designed for continuous operation, because they take up to 5 minutes to reach 90% output from cold we do not recommend the use of PIR's.

Energy saving controls
HVR1 - manual output controller Manual output control (HVR1) Maximum load 3kw
Not for outdoor use - must be installed inside
HTIM - One touch timer for infra-red heaters Manual timer (HTIM) Maximum load 4.5kw
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Energy saving controls must only be installed by a suitably qualified person in accordance with local wiring regulations.

1 year guarantee

Activair FCIR infrared radiant heaters are manufactured to the highest standards, and we are confident that they are completely reliable. However, in the unlikely event a fault may occur, they have a 1 year return to base parts and labour guarantee.


Outdoor infrared heaters should encircle the area being heated.

The heaters are normally positioned 2-2.5m above the ground.

The output should be reduced according to how sheltered the area is:-

Building type Watts / square meter
Roof only - no walls 1000
Roof and three walls 750
Totally enclosed - glasshouse (see note below) 250 - 300

For totally enclosed spaces, glasshouses, pump rooms, swimming pools, laundries, etc, a normal heatloss calculation should be carried out.

For example, a 3m by 2m outdoor smoking area with a roof but no walls requires = 2 x 3 x 1000 = 6000W.

outdoor iinfra-red heaters in a reception area
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The FCIR weatherproof infra-red radiant heaters are corrosion proof, safe and reliable. They are designed for use outdoors, or in wet and humid areas, to prevent ice and frost forming and keeping people warm.

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