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Portable radiant heaters

Activair 110v portable radiant heaters, are designed for heating commercial and industrial buildings such as garages, factories, warehouses, etc.

Activair portable infrared radiant heaters produce instant heat without glare. The infra-red energy created directly heats the people and objects it strikes, without heating the surrounding air. Making it ideal for heating large, open, or drafty areas, both indoors and outside.

Activair portable radiant heaters measure 340mm(wide) by 580mm(high) by 380mm(deep) and weigh 6Kg. They have carrying handles which allow them to be easily moved as required.

Heavy duty portable radiant heater

Activair radiant heaters are ruggedly constructed from galvanised steel coated with a grey hammer finish powder coat. They have no moving parts, are virtually maintenance free, and will provide years of trouble free operation.

Illuminated switches on the side of the heater, allow half or full output to be selected. An indicator on the front of the heater lights up when it electricity is present.

Built in safety features

To protect users from burns the heaters have bright metal finger guards fitted in front of the ceramic emitters.

Tough durable infra-red heaters

Activair infra-red radiant heaters are fitted with tough ceramic emitters, which are designed to withstand the knocks, vibration, and splashes that portable equipment often suffers. Unlike glass emitters, they will not shatter or explode, and can be safely used in food processing areas. 

Ceramic emitters produce heat without the harsh glare normally associated with infra-red radiant heaters, and are completely safe to the human eye. The ceramic emitters are also very efficient, because they don't produce light, 96.6% of the input energy is converted to heat.

Activair portable radiant heater specification


Model   HS2000P
Output (high / low) kW 3.0 / 1.5
Supply voltage V 110
Maximum supply current A 28
Supply phase   1
Supply frequency Hz 50
Supply connection   2m lead fitted with
32A BS EN 60309 plug
IP rating   20
Colour   Dark grey hammer finish body, black stand & handle
Weight Kg 6
Width mm 340
Depth mm 380
Height mm 580
Price ex. delivery & VAT   £149.00
Price inc. delivery & VAT   quote for portable heater
    immediate delivery

Activair portable radiant heaters are fully approved to BS EN 60335-2-30 and are CE marked.

Electricity supply requirements for Activair portable radiant heaters

Activair portable radiant heaters are suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The HS2000P requires a 110V supply, and is fitted with a yellow 3 pin 32A BS EN60309 plug.

Please make sure you have a 32A transformer and socket before ordering. This heater will not work with the smaller, more common 16A sockets.

If you require a 32A transformer, click the red buttom below for a quote:

Accessories for HS2000P 110v heater
3000VA continuous rated
vented heater transformer
230V input - 110V out via
1 x 32A and 1 x 16A outlet.
14m extension lead 110V extension lead, 32A plug to 32A socket. quote


Activair portable radiant heaters are manufactured to the highest standards, and we are confident that they are completely reliable. However, in the unlikely event a fault may occur, they have a full 1 year return to base parts and labour guarantee.

For more information or a quotation

Activair portable infrared radiant heaters heat people and objects, not the surrounding air. They are therefore economical for use in large, open or drafty spaces. Their heavy duty construction make them particularly suitable for building sites, loading bays, workshops etc.

For more information see the portable radiant heater faq, or for a quotation click the small red quote button in the table above above.

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You are here:- home > heater index > radiant heating index > portable radiant heater

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