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overhead radiant heater
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Overhead infra-red radiant heaters

Activair electric overhead infra-red radiant heaters are designed for total or supplementary heating, and are suitable for use in a wide range of commercial buildings. They can be attached directly to the ceiling, or suspended from steel wires, chains or threaded rods.

They are easy to install, safe, and maintenance free. In buildings with high ceilings or that are used on an irregular basis they can reduce heating costs by up to 25% compared to convector heaters.

 overhead radiant heaters in a church
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They are available in four outputs to suit nearly any application:-

  • 1200w, 1700w, and 2200w 230V single phase
  • 3600w 400V three phase and neutral

Key features

  • Simple elegant design – Discretely blend into any interior.
  • No glare – Unlike halogen heaters there is absolutely no glare, in fact there is no visual sign the heaters are operating at all.
  • Corrosion resistant – Hot zinc plated steel casings and anodised aluminium emitters.
  • Maintenance free – No moving parts, and self cleaning emitters
  • Safe – Tough stainless steel element encased in aluminium, unaffected by shocks or vibration, and no risk of shattering.
  • Easy to installMulti-purpose brackets for ceiling mounting, or suspension from steel wire, chain, or threaded rods.
  • Easy to wire – Approved for serial connection, 16mm2 terminal blocks for loop through connection.
Activair overhead radiant heaters


Model   FEZ212 FEZ217 FEZ222 FEZ336
Element rating W 1200 1700 2200 3600
Voltage V 230 230 230 400
Phase   Single Single Single Three
Maximum current (per phase) A 5.2 7.4 9.6 5.2
Mounting Height m 3 - 10 3 - 10 3 - 10 4 - 12
Maximum emitter temperature C 340 340 340 350
Maximum ambient temperature C 30 30 30 30
Protection class   IP 44 IP 44 IP 44 IP 44
Casing finish   White RAL9016 Galvanised
Weight kg 6.8 8.8 10.7 19.8
Dimensions   Click for dimensions Dimensions
Minimum clearances   Click for minimum clearances
Price ex. delivery & VAT   £299.99 £349.99 £399.99 £629.99
Price inc delivery & VAT   quote for heater quote for heater quote for heater quote for heater
    In stock for immediate delivery

FEZ overhead radiant heaters - approvals

The FEZ range of electric radiant overhead heaters have been tested for conformity and compliance with the EC Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 89/336 /EEC & 92/31 EEC EC Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC, and are CE marked.

Electricity supply requirements for FEZ infrared radiant heaters

Activair electric heaters are designed for European and UK 50Hz supplies, and are suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The FEZ21, 217 and 222 require a 230V single phase electricity supply.

The FEZ336 requires a 400V 3 phase and neutral supply.

Radiant heater controls

Our overhead radiant heaters are very economical to run, however running costs can be reduced further by energy saving controls:-

Heater controls
HVR1 - manual output controller Manual output control (HVR1) Maximum load 3kw 230V
Not suitable for FEZ336
HTIM - One touch timer for infra-red heaters Manual timer (HTIM) Maximum load 4.5kw 230V
Not suitable for FEZ336

Energy saving controls must only be installed by a suitably qualified person in accordance with local wiring regulations.

Because our overhead heaters take approximately 25 minutes to heat up, we do not recommend the use of movement detectors (PIR's).

FEZ electric infrared radiant heaters - 1 year guarantee

Activair FEZ infrared radiant heaters are manufactured to the highest standards, and we are confident that they are completely reliable. However, in the unlikely event a fault may occur, they have a 1 year return to base parts and labour guarantee.

How many overhead heaters do I need?click to use calculator

Before purchasing overhead heaters it is important to carry some simple calculations to determine the size and number required. Click on the calculator symbol to use our quick and easy on-line calculator.

Further details

overhead radiant heaters in a warehouse
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Activair overhead infrared radiant heaters are designed to provide warmth to the occupants of high, drafty, difficult to heat buildings.

They are often used in buildings which are unoccupied for long periods, such as churches and village halls. Suspended overhead or mounted on the ceiling, they can be safely positioned away from the buildings occupants.

You are here:- home > heating index > radiant heating index > Overhead radiant heaters

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