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Wall or ceiling mounted electric fan heaters

electric heaters - wall mounted

Wall mounted electric heaters for fixed installation in commercial and industrial premises such as factories, workshops, warehouses, retail units, etc.

Activair wall mounted electric heaters are available with outputs of 6Kw, 9Kw, 14Kw, 21Kw and 30Kw and are designed for 400V 3 phase electricity supplies.

Main features

Five models - 6, 9, 14, 21 and 30Kw
Ready to install - supplied complete with instructions, wall/ceiling brackets, remote switch and temperature sensor
Adjustable wall/ceiling bracket - 0 to 30 degree downward tilt
Fan only mode - for summer use
Automatic over heat protection - with manual reset for maximum safety

Attractive, maintenance free electric heaters

The VEA range of wall mounted heaters are attractive appliances designed to unobtrusively blend in to any building. For quiet operation, they feature totally enclosed, ball bearing motors and carefully designed impellors.

For maintenance free operation the heaters have factory lubricated, sealed for life motors, rugged heavy duty stainless steel encapsulated elements, and corrosion resistant white painted galvanised steel cases.

Unlike gas and oil fired heaters they don't require annual servicing to maintain combustion efficiency, so ongoing costs are minimal.

Built in user controls

On the front of the heater, there are switches for selecting high or low fan speed, and whether the fan should run continuously or only when the elements are on.

For complete safety a built in safety trip (with manual reset) protects the heater from overheating.

Individually adjustable air deflectors allow the warm air to be directed vertically as required.

Quick and easy installation

Remote control switch for Activair electric heaters
click to expand
Remote thermostat for Activair electric heaters
click to expand

For quick and easy installation, each VEA electric heater is supplied ready to install with:

Wall / ceiling brackets - fix directly to the wall, or suspend from threaded bars. The brackets allow upto 30 degrees tilt from horizontal

Remote switch - allowing the heater to be:
Switched on and off
Fan run without heat (for summer cooling)
Operated at full or reduced output

Remote temperature sensor - with thumbwheel adjustment of the setpoint temperature between 0 and 30 degrees CThe thumbwheel can be removed to prevent unauthorised adjustment of the temperature).


The VEA range of electric heaters are designed for fixed installation, and must be installed by a qualified person in accordance with all local wiring regulations. See VEA wall mounted heaters - frequently asked questions for details.

Activair 3 phase electric heaters - specification


Model   VEA6 VEA9 VEA14 VEA21 VEA30
Element rating kW 6 9 14 21 30
  Btu/hr 20460 30690 47740 71610 102300
Voltage V 400-3N 400-3N 400-3N 400-3N 400-3N
Power stages kW 0 - 3 - 6 0 - 6 - 9 0 - 7 - 14 0 - 14 - 21 0 - 20 - 30
Maximum phase current A 8.8 13.1 20.4 30.5 43.5
Noise (@ 5m) dBA 54 54 57 57 63
Air volume
(low / high)
m3/h 970 / 1300 970 / 1300 1950 / 2650 1950 / 2650 2800 / 3900
Temperature rise
(low / high)
C 13 / 17 19 / 26 15 / 20 22 / 30 21 / 30
Maximum throw
(low / high)
m 10 / 13 10 / 13 11 / 15 11 / 15 12 / 16
Protection class   IP X4 IP X4 IP X4 IP X4 IP X4
Weight kg 15 23 32 44 53
Dimensions ex. wall bracket W x H X D mm 388 x 453 x 350 388 x 453 x 350 552 x 610 x 385 552 x 610 x 385 552 x 610 x 505
Dimensions inc. wall bracket W x H x D mm 388 x 453 x 475 388 x 453 x 475 552 x 610 x 510 552 x 610 x 510 552 x 610 x 615
Price ex. delivery and VAT   £949.99 £1049.99 £1299.99 £1499.99 £1799.99
Price inc. delivery and VAT   quote for electric heaters quote for electric heaters quote for electric heaters quote for electric heaters quote for electric heaters
    in stock for immediate delivery in stock for immediate delivery in stock for immediate delivery

Click on the icon, for a printer friendly data sheet. pdf version

wall mounted electric heater

Wall mounted electric heaters - approvals

The VEA range of electric heaters has been tested and approved by SEMKO for electrical safety and EMC as follows:

  • EN 60335-1 Electrical safety
  • EN 60335-2-30 Electrical safety
  • EN 61000-3-2 EMC emission
  • EN 61000-3-3 EMC emission
  • EN 50082-1 EMC emission
  • EN 50081-1 EMC emission

Activair wall mounted heaters are CE marked, and meet the requirements of the RoHS directive 2002/95/EC..

Activair VEA wall mounted heaters are Gost approved.

Electricity supply requirements for VEA electric heaters

Activair VEA electric heaters are designed for 400V 3 phase and neutral 50Hz supplies, and are suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but not the USA.

What size heater do I need?click to use calculator

Before selecting a heater it is important to carry out a heat loss calculation to determine the size required. See what size space heater do I need?, or use our click for our on-line calculator.

VEA electric heaters - 1 year guarantee

Activair VEA electric heaters are manufactured to the highest standards, and we are confident that they are completely reliable. However, in the unlikely event a fault may occur, they have a full 1 year return to base parts and labour guarantee.

What you should know before buying a heater:

Activair VEA wall mounted electric heaters are a safe alternative to gas and oil fired heating, they don't need gas bottles or oil tanks, or produce noxious fumes. Designed for quick and easy installation in small and medium sized commercial premises such as industrial units, workshops, and retail units, they provide clean, efficient and economical heating.

For more information see VEA wall heaters - frequently asked questions.

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You are here:- home > heater index > electric wall mounted heaters

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