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110v heaters30kw portable blower / heater --------------

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110v heater
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VBX30E 400V portable blower / heater

The VBX30E is powerful 30Kw (102300btu) portable electric blower / heater designed for space heating in large buildings or high heatloss areas. Its powerful 2200 m3/hr fan runs continuously to rapidly disperse warm air over a wide area rather to spot heat individuals or objects.

Manufactured to a protection class of IPX4 it is suitable for use in factories, workshops, building sites, and marquees etc. The heater can be used in damp environments, but must be protected from drips and direct jets of water, it is not suitable for outdoor use unless it is protected against the elements.

For complete safety the built in overheat cut-out will turn the heater off if it is covered, or if the air inlet or outlet are blocked. The cut-out needs to be manually reset (by pressing the button on the top of the heater) before the heater will restart.

Key Features

  • Flexible – user selectable fan only, 20 or 30kw output
  • Portable – built in stand and carrying handles
  • Durable – corrosion proof metal case, stand and fan
  • Reliable – stainless steel elements. Sealed for life, maintenance free fan motor
  • Efficient – 0 to 35C adjustable thermostat for accurate temperature control
  • Safe – overheat cut-out with manual reset and automatically resetting tilt switch which turns the heater off if it falls onto its front grill.
Activair VBX30E 30kw 400V portable blower / heater


Model   VBX30E
Element rating kW 30
  Btu/hr 102300
Voltage V 400
Phase   3
Supply Frequency Hz 50
Power stages kW 0 - 20 - 30
Maximum phase current A 44
Connection (3P+N+E)   1.8m lead & BS EN60309
5 pin 63A plug*
Noise dBA 59
Air volume m3/h 2200
Max. temperature rise C 38
Built in thermostat C 0 - 35
Maximum ambient temperature C 35
Minimum floor area m2 40
Protection class   IP X4 - splash proof
Overheat Protection   Manual reset
Tilt Protection   Automatic reset once the heater is righted
Weight kg 30
Width mm 570
Height mm 570
Depth mm 610
Price ex. delivery and VAT   £1099.99
Price inc delivery and VAT   quote for 110v portable heater

Approvals for the VBX30E 400V fan heater

approvals for the Activair 110v heater

The VBX30E heater has been tested for safety in accordance with the LVD directive, for electro-magnetic interference in accordance with the EMC directive, and is CE marked.

Specifically the VBX30E has been independantly tested to comply with:

  • EN 60335-1:2112
  • EN 60335-2-30:2009+A11
  • EN 62233:2008

Electricity supply requirements

The VBX30E portable blower is fitted with a 63A 5 pin 400V BS EN60309 plug.

The VBX30E is a powerful heater which requires a 5 pin 63A 400V 3 phase socket. The sockets fitted in most commercial buildings are normally the smaller 16A and 32A ones.

Because the VBX30E requires 63A sockets it is possible the standard 3 phase electricity supplies installed in some commercial premises will not be big enough, especially if they already have large electrical loads installed.

Customers should check they already have the necessary 63A sockets, or should confirm with their electrician they can be installed before they order.


The VBX30E 30kw blower is built to the highest standards, and we are confident it is totally reliable. However in the unlikely event that a fault does occur, it has a 1 year return to base warranty.

Choosing the correct size of heateron line heating calculator

Before selecting a fan heater it is important to carry out a heat loss calculation to determine the size required. See heater size calculations, or click on the picture of a calculator opposite to use our quick and easy on-line calculator.

What you need to know before buying a VBX30E heater:

The Activair VBX30E portable electric blower / heater is one of the biggest portable electric heaters available.

It is suitable for space heating in large factories and workshops, and in high heatloss structures such as tents and marquees. Users should be aware because of its large output, it requires 63A sockets which are not always available.

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