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electric ventilation fans electric ventilation fans --------------

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Electric ventilation fans for industrysuspended electric ventilation fans

Activair electric ventilation fans are designed for permanent installation in factories, workshops and livestock buildings. They create a comfortable and productive environment, by supplying fresh air, removing stale or hot air and providing additional ventilation.

Activair electric ventilation fans are designed for harsh and aggressive environments. They are manufactured from steel andclick to expand finished in corrosion resistant powder paint. The electric motors are sealed for life, class F insulated, and have built in overload protection. They are protected to IP55, and are suitable for use in damp and dusty areas.

Activair electric ventilation fans can be used free blowing. With flexible ducting to direct air into inaccessible areas, such as inspection pits. Or with polythene ducting to distribute air upto 46m (150ft.) in large open areas, for example, warehouses, workshops and livestock buildings.

Features of Activair electric ventilation fans

  • Efficient, reliable, sealed fan motor with integral thermal overload protection.
  • Suitable for use with speed control - down to 40% of nominal speed.
  • High performance impeller, for efficient and quiet performance.
  • Metal fan casing and guards.
  • Floor standing, suspended, duct or wall mounted.
  • Free blowing, or ducted operation with flexible, polythene or fabric ducting.

Applications of Activair electric ventilation fans

  • Agriculture - ventilation in livestock houses poultry houses, dairy parlours. Condensation control in crop stores etc.
  • Horticulture - air movement, and destratification in glass houses and polytunnels, workforce cooling.
  • Construction sites - ventilating confined spaces, drying etc.
  • Industry - factory and workshop ventilation, destratification, fume extraction and cooling.
  • Leisure stabling and gymnasium ventilation and cooling.
Activair electric ventilation fan specification
Model   Ace ventilation fan
Motor rating kW 0.25
Motor voltage V 230
Motor full load current A 1.8
Motor supply frequency Hz 50
Motor Operating Temp. C -20 to 50
Air Flow (free air) m3/s
Noise dB 55
Throw M 10
Weight Kg 22
Case Finish   Pastel Beige (RAL 7032)
Terminal box IP Rating   44
Dimensions   Click here
Price ex. delivery & VAT   £500.00
Price inc. delivery & VAT   quote for electric ventilation fans
Made in the UK - United Kingdom Activair electric ventilation fans are manufactured in the UK.

Click on the icon, for a printer friendly data sheet. pdf version

Electricity supply requirements for Activair electric ventilation fans

Activair electric ventilation fans are designed for 230V single phase electric supplies, and are suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but NOT the USA.

Accessories for Activair electric ventilation fans

A wide range of accessories are available for Activair electric ventilation fans including:

  • Electronic fan motor speed controller.
  • Matching flange - for attaching metal or flexible ducting.
  • 400mm (16in.) diameter flexible ducting.
  • 675mm (27in. L/F) inflatable polythene ducting.
  • Carrying handles.
  • Feet, wall brackets and suspension kits.
  • Pre-wired mains lead and plug - for standard 13A UK socket.

Reliable electric ventilation fans

Activair electric ventilation fans are ruggedly manufactured to the highest standards. We are confident they are totally reliable. However, in the unlikely event a fault occurs, they have a full 2 years parts and labour guarantee. Contact our sales dept.

For more information or a quotation on our electric ventilation fans

Activair electric ventilation fans are adaptable, rugged and efficient fans. They can be used free blowing, or with polythene and flexible ducting.

For a quotation - click the red quote button above. Or for more information contact our sales department.

You are here:- home > cooling index > fan index > electric ventilation fans

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