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Activair axial fans

230v and 110v 500mm portable fans

large portable fanLarge industrial 230V 500mm diameter portable fans. 2 fan speeds, maximum output 6450 m3/h - enough for the most demanding ventilation, cooling, drying or air circulation tasks.

Powerful and virtually indestructible, our AR500 portable electric fans are designed to withstand commercial and industrial use in pressure moulding plants, factories, workshops, warehouses, commercial glasshouses, and large out of town retail units.

230v 650mm oscillating pedestal fansoscillating pedestal fan

3 speed height, tilt and sweep adjustable oscillating pedestal fans for use in large open spaces.

Fitted with metal 650mm (25in.) diameter fan blades these fans shouldn't be confused with much less powerful plastic fans currently on the market. Delivering an air flow rate of up to 8115cfm (13788m3/hr) they are not suitable for use in small or confined areas, or where a strong air flow is likely to disturb papers or workers.

Typical applications include marquees, tents, commercial laundries and kitchens, sports halls and gymnasiums, etc.

230v 650mm oscillating wall fansIn stockwall mounted oscillating fan

13788m3/hr oscillating wall fans designed for use in warehousing, gymnasiums, factories, and workshops.

Our wall mounted oscillating fans provide powerful and effective air movement without taking up valuable floor space, and remove the risks of being knocked over, or workers putting their fingers through the guards.

110v / 230v portable extractor fansportable extractor fan

A tough 3-in-1 portable air mover designed to cool, ventilate and extract air and fumes from enclosed spaces. Available in either 110v or 230v versions.

Supplied ready to use, simply plug the Fume Ex into a suitable socket, attach the 5m flexible duct, and flick the switch for instant extraction, ventilation or cooling.

Portable purging fansportable purging fan

Activair portable purging fans are designed to exhaust fumes and smoke from confined spaces, and to deliver high volumes of fresh air to workers.

They are supplied with 6m (19ft.) of heavy-duty flexible ducting, which allows them to supply or extract air from enclosed spaces.

Activair ventilation fansventilation fan

Activair 230v single phase electric ventilation fans are designed for permanent installation in factories, workshops and livestock buildings.

They produce up to 2862 CFM, and can be used free blowing or with polythene, metal, or flexible ducting

Activair industrial fans

industrial axial fanActivair general purpose 230v single phase industrial axial fans are available in 7 diameters from 315mm (12.6in.) to 630mm (25.2in.) in either duct or plate mounted versions.

An extensive range of accessories including electronic speed controllers, finger guards, lourves, weather cowls, wall brackets, feet, etc. make our industrial axial fans suitable for a broad range of air movement applications.

Choosing a portable fan

The most common question we are asked is 'which portable fan should I buy?'. This depends on the intended application, so here is a brief run down of what to look for when choosing a portable fan.

Using extractor fans to reduce the temperature inside buildings

The single most effective way to lower the temperature inside buildings is to fit extractor fans to expel hot air from the roof space.

Cooling a small factory or workshop using fans

For buildings upto approximately 1400m3 (50,000cu.ft.) roof extractor fans can provide simple low cost cooling using ambient (outdoor) air.

Fan assisted cooling for medium to large commercial buildings

Because we live in a temperate environment, outside air can be used to cool medium to large commercial buildings, such as factories, workshops and warehouses in all but the hottest spells.

Axial fans can be used to remove hot air, supply cooler outdoor air, and produce air movement inside, creating a comfortable working environment without resorting to air conditioning.

Calculating the fan capacity required for ventilation

The rate of ventilation for an area is normally expressed in ‘air changes per hour’, i.e. the number of times per hour that the entire air volume of the area is changed. The rate depends of the type of room and the activity being undertaken.

Multiplying the air changes per our by the volume of the area, will produce the airflow required.

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