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activair flexible ductingFlexible ducting --------------

Flexible ducting

Activair flexible ducting
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Activair flexible ducting is lightweight, economical and durable. It is suitable for use in high, medium and low pressure ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and fume extraction systems.

Activair flexible ducting is puncture and tear resistant, and withstands repeated flexing without damage, and is suitable for warm or cold air distribution.

Flexible ducting is suited for air handling in temporary installations in tents and marquees. Or for threading through structural obstructions - trusses, purloins, pipes etc, and above false ceilings in permanent installations.

Activair flexible ducting

Activair flexible ducting is manufactured from a tough, silver grey coloured fabric comprising a PVC coating bonded to a tightly woven glass cloth, supported by an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix. It is very durable and flexible, and will stand repeated flexing without damage or kinking.

Activair flexible ducting is supplied in 6m lengths that compress to one tenth of their extended length for transportation. It is easily cut to length using a sharp knife and pliers. If longer lengths are required, lengths may be screwed together and sealed with PVC duct tape.

To connect it to metal ductwork, fan outlets, etc. use adjustable metal straps.

Activair flexible ducting technical data

Activair flexible ducting is suitable for air velocities of up to 25 m/s at a maximum pressure of 2000Pa. It is suitable for air temperatures from -20C to +70C.

Activair flexible ducting meets the requirements of BS476 parts 6, 7 and 20 for fire resistance.

Flexible ducting (6 metre length)
Flexible ducting diameter
Equivalent Activair polythene ducting size
(layflat inches)
Stock code Price ex. delivery & VAT Price inc. delivery & VAT
80   flex-80 £47.00 quote
100   flex-100 £49.00 quote
114   flex-114 £53.00 quote
125   flex-125 £55.00 quote
150   flex-150 £57.00 quote
160   flex-160 £60.00 quote
200 13 or 14 flex-200 £70.00 quote
250 16 flex-250 £83.00 quote
300   flex-300 £95.00 quote
315 20 flex-315 £101.00 quote
355 24 flex-355 £120.00 quote
400 27 flex-400 £125.00 quote
450 30 flex-450 £141.00 quote
560 36 flex-560 £173.00 quote

Flexible ducting - accessories
Duct tape per roll flex-tape quote
Metal strap per strap flex-strap quote

Accessories can only be purchased with flexible ducting

Installation recommendations

  • For the best results flexible ducting should always be installed fully extended.
  • Hanging straps should be at least 25mm (1 in.) wide
  • The distance of supports will vary with the diameter of the flexible duct. As a guide the supports should be approx 500mm apart on straight runs
  • When making connections make sure the flexible duct is adequately supported, so that the joint doesn't take the weight of the duct
  • Make sure the flexible duct is not in contact with any sharp objects that might puncture it
  • Make sure the flexible ducting does not come into contact with hot steam pipes, etc.

Further information and quotations

Activair flexible ducting is a simple, reliable, low cost method of conveying air from point to point.

It withstands repeated flexing without damage, and is puncture and tear resistant making it ideal for use in temporary installations and demanding industrial applications.

Most diameters are in stock for delivery within a few days, for a no obligation quotation click on the red buttons above.

Activair flexible ducting is supported internally by a steel wire. It cannot be crushed or deformed to fit through tight spaces or on to rectangular outlets.

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