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ventilation ductingActivair ventilation ducting --------------

Ventilation ducting for industry

Activair ventilation ducting is the most economic, accurate and efficient method of conveying and diffusing fresh air. Manufactured from polythene tubing, Activair ventilation ducting is used in a wide range of industries and applications including:

ventilation ducting
Emergency services - delivering fresh air into collapsed buildings

Petrochemical industry - ventilating storage tanks and pits undergoing maintenance

Site maintenance - providing fresh air to welders working in enclosed areas

Agriculture - delivering fresh air into animal houses, mushroom growing rooms, etc.

Advantages of Activair ventilation ducts

Activair ventilation ducts have many advantages over other types of air duct. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and unaffected by most chemicals. Activair ventilation ducts cost upto 80% less than equivalent fabric or textile ducts, making replacement more economic than cleaning, repair, or removal and storage.

Ventilation ducting in animal houses

Ventilation is needed in animal houses to:
Remove excess heat - High temperatures are unpleasant for workers and animals, although mature cattle and sheep are tolerant of high ambient temperatures, young animals are less so, air movement helps by encouraging the bodies natural cooling system.

Reduce damage by moisture - the average cow breathes out 5 gallons of water vapour a day. Ventilation prevents it settling on surfaces of the structure and damaging it.

Remove noxious gases - Reduces respiratory problems and pneumonia, and improves the health of animals and workers alike by removing ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane.

Discourage flies - flies prefer still air
Ventilation ducting suspended overhead

A typical installation consists of an axial fan suspended in the roof space at one end of the building which draws fresh air in from outside. Ventilation ducting is connected to the fan and runs down the length of the building. Holes cut into the sides of the ventilation ducting distribute the fresh air in a series of high pressure jets.

Displaced air leaves the building via holes in the structure, cracks, open doors or windows etc. Where necessary additional pressure operated vents should be installed, manufactured from aluminum or plastic, they have flaps which are lifted open by pressure from the inside air as it escapes but stay firmly closed when outside winds blow on them. The total area should be two to three times that of the fan.

The size of the axial fan will depend on the type and number of animals in the building:

Calves - allow 35m3/hr/calf for winter and 105m3/hr/calf for summer

Cattle - buildings with some natural ventilation allow 100m3/h/100Kg

For more information on Activair ventilation ducting

Activair ventilation ducting has been successfully used in a wide range of industries for over 40 years. It costs upto 80% less than equivalent ducting systems and is a proven method of moving fresh air from point to point and delivering it where required. For further information on Activair ventilation ducting or a no obligation quotation see:

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