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110v portable heaters110v portable fan heaters -------------- You are here:- home > heating index > 110v portable heater > electricity supply requirements

3kw 110V Portable Fan Heater110v portable fan heater

Most 110V tools are fitted with a 16A plug. The Activair BX3LV delivers 3kw, but is fitted with a 32A plug.

We decided on 3kw output for several reasons:

3kw is the maximum output for a heater connected via an isolating transformer to a standard 230V 13A outlet.

For industrial and commercial buildings such as factories and workshops fitted with 32A 110V BS EN60309 sockets, 3kw is the maximum output which can be used.

The BX3LV portable fan heater is mostly used for space heating. A heater with less than 3kw would have little or no effect in most workshops or construction sites!

Electricity supply requirements

The high output of the BX3LV heater means it requires a higher supply current than other portable equipment:-

Fixed supplies in workshops and factories – the BX3LV fan heater is supplied with a 32A 3 pin yellow BS EN60309 plug, which plugs into a matching 32A socket.

Users should make sure they have 32A sockets, not the smaller 16A ones. The plug on the heater must not be changed for a 16A one!

Isolating Transformers – must be rated at 3000va or higher for continuous operation and fitted with a 32A socket.5000va isolating transformer

When selecting a site isolating transformer it is important to remember that the rating shown is often for intermittent or tool use. Fan heaters draw current continuously so it is important to select a transformer based on the continuous rating. If the transformer is too small it will overheat.

For instance, a isolating transformer may be labelled as being 3300va, however the full specification reveals this is the intermittent or tool rating. The continuous rating is only 2000va, not big enough for the BX3LV 110 volt portable heater.

A similar transformer labelled as 5000va for tool use has a continuous rating of 3300va, and so is suitable for the BX3LV portable fan heater.

Users should make sure their isolating transformer has a 32A outlet socket and is rated at 3000va or higher for continuous operation.

110v supplies on building sites - Where a central transformer supplies 110V for power tools on sites there may only be 16A sockets, check 32A sockets are available.

Users should check 32A sockets are available on site. Or that a 240V supply is available so that they can use their own isolating transformer.

The BX3LV portable fan heater delivers 3kw of heat, but does require a 32A socket. Most power tools use a 16A socket, so this is more common. Users should make sure the larger 32A sockets are available or that they can use an isolating transformer fitted with a 32A socket.

You are here:- home > heating index > 110v portable heater > electricity supply requirements

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