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space heater - siting and installationInstalling activair electric space heaters --------------  

Positioning Activair space heaters
Wherever possible Activair space heaters should be sited on the most exposed outside wall, or the wall which is subjected to prevailing winds. Alternatively they should be sited in the areas with the greatest heat loss. The space heaters should be sited so that the air is discharged in parallel with the outside walls.positioning Activair space heaters

The diagrams above show some possible space heater positions. The top wall is exposed to the prevailing wind. The first diagram shows a single space heater positioned parallel to the most exposed wall. Diagram two shows several space heaters, warm air is directed from outlet to inlet from heater to heater. The final diagram illustrates the use of Activair polythene ducting to distribute warm air, this arrangement is particularly suited to long narrow buildings. 

For the most efficient heat transfer the air volume of the structure should pass through the space heater(s) 3 times per hour and the following maximum installation heights should be adhered to:

Maximum suspension height
6, 10 kW 3m
13.2, 20 kW 4m

Fixing the space heater
Activair space heaters must be mounted horizontally with the terminal box in the 12 o’clock position. Where necessary the heater should be protected from physical damage by suitable guards (not supplied). Activair space heaters can be:space heater - suspended
  • sited on a solid floor using the brackets supplied.
  • wall mounted using the supplied brackets.
  • suspended using the brackets supplied and suitable suspension accessories i.e. steel rope and hooks, etc. (not supplied)
Do not allow the heater to blow onto occupants and equipment. There should be nothing within 2m of the air outlet, and 1m of the air inlet. Nothing should be placed within 500mm of the heater casing.   

Using Activair polythene ducting
Activair polythene ducting may be used with our warm air heaters to improve air distribution. For more details see the ducting homepage.  

Positioning the thermostat  
Position away from cold drafts and heat sources, preferable on an interior wall or support at a height of approximately 1.2m (4ft) from the floor. Where necessary shade from direct sunlight.

Wiring must be carried out by a qualified electrician to the relevant IEE regulations for electrical installation, and any other country codes which apply. See controlling Activair space heaters for more information.  

Activair space heaters are designed for minimal maintenance. However we do suggest a physical inspection every 10,000 hours of operation or if the heater has not been used for more than 3 months.

Activair space heaters pose a electrical and mechanical risk. Before inspecting the heater isolate it from the electrical supply.

  • Inspect the element spirals and ceramics for physical damage. If the elements are clogged, remove the buildup with a soft brush and vacuum cleaner.
  • Rotate the fan by hand, making sure it does not foul the case. Inspect the blades for damage.
  • Check all electrical cables for physical damage, pay particular attention to the heat protective sleeving on the element and overheat cutout wires.
  • Check the mounting bolts, and retighten as necessary.

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