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industrial heating using electric space heatersindustrial heating with Activair electric space heater --------------

Industrial heating with electric space heaters is becoming more widespread for a number of reasons:

  • Standards of insulation have improved reducing the heat input required, making electrical heating more attractive.

  • Insurance companies are starting to refuse cover or increase premiums for businesses using bottled gas heaters.

  • Deregulation of the electricity market has increased parity between gas and electricity pricing.

  • Electrical space heating offers simplicity of installation, cleanliness and lower maintenance costs, that gas or oil based heating cannot match.

  • Businesses can demonstrate an environmentally sensitive policy to their customers, the responsibility for pollution lies with the electricity supplier.

Activair industrial space heaters are perfect where safe, clean and dependable heating is required. They have been successfully installed in factories, workshops and warehouses, for complete, auxiliary or frost protection heating.

Case Study - industrial heating in a factory
Industrial heating with an electric space heaterSelf-adhesive label making company, G.E. Bond Ltd., saved nearly 1000 by installing Activair industrial space heaters rather than an oil-fired heating system throughout its factory. In addition to providing the necessary space heating in the winter, the fans provide a welcome cooling breeze in the summer.

In the spring of 1981 the company acquired additional space from an adjoining factory for use as a packaging area. The oil-fired warm air heater in the main factory was not large enough to heat both the main factory and the additional area and was becoming unreliable. It would have cost 1800 to replace the heater and to extend the warm air ducting into the packaging area.

It was decided that a 20kw Activair industrial heater would be installed in the packaging area, and a further 20kw  heater would be installed to replace the ageing oil-fired heater, the total cost including installation was 810.

During the summer the space heaters are used with the elements switched off to provide cool, pleasant conditions. The heaters are easy to control and take up little space, need no flues and no storage tanks. Low cost night rate electricity heats the factory before work starts in the morning, providing comfortable working conditions even through the severe winter of 1981/82.

Staff are delighted with the conditions and the Works Director, Mr. Bond, is very pleased with the low installation cost, reliability and competitive operating cost.

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