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FAQ's for electric heatersActivair electric heaters frequently asked questions --------------  

How do I choose an electric heater ?  
The first step is to carry out a heat loss calculation for your premises, this will tell you the size of heater you need. Next decide what type of heater you want. Finally,  talk to your electrician to make sure your electricity supply is suitable for the heater you intend to use.

Can you calculate the heatloss for my building ?
We do not carry out heat loss calculations on behalf of customers. For a guide to calculating heat loss click here, try our quick calculator or contact a HVAC contractor.

Can you design/install a heating system or send someone to see me ?
We are a manufacturer, we do not design or install heating systems, or have sales engineers on the road. We have tried to put all the information customers need to select heaters for themselves on this website, and we are always happy to answer general queries. If you are not sure what you need, you should talk to a local heating engineer.

Can I use your heaters outside of the UK ?
Our heaters are designed for 230V 50Hz single phase or 400V 3 phase 50Hz supplies, and are suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but not the USA.

I can smell burning, is this normal ?
If an electric heater has not been used for a long time dust will build up in the element assembly, what you can smell is this being burnt off. If the smell lasts for more than a few minutes or you have any doubts whatsoever disconnect the heater immediately and contact your supplier or installer.  

How hot should the casing get ? 
Under normal operating conditions you should be able to comfortably place your hand on the casing. If it is any hotter than this, turn off immediately and consult your supplier.  

How can I make sure my electricity supply is suitable for your electric heaters ?  
Check with your electrician or electricity supplier. It is important to make sure your supply is big enough to cope, before you order.

Can I heat my home/small greenhouse with your electric heaters ?  
Our electric heaters are designed for use in commercial or industrial buildings. They are not suitable for domestic use or greenhouses of less than approximately 30 square meters.

I have a 3 phase supply, should I choose a single phase or 3 phase electric  heater ?  
Always choose a 3 phase electric heater. The the control panel and cabling will be less expensive. 

The elements glow in my ACE electric heater, is this normal ?
Yes, the elements will glow around the ceramic insulators and terminals.

Do I need to use heat resistant wiring in the terminal box of your ACE electric heater  ?
No, use standard installation wire.

What size cable do I require for the ACE heaters ?
The size of cable depends on the element rating (and therefore current flow) and cable length, your electrician will be able to calculate the size. Element currents can be found here.

Can I install your ACE electric heaters myself ?
No they are designed for fixed installation, and must be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with the relevant local wiring regulations.

How do I suspend your ACE electric heaters ?
This depends entirely on the construction of your building. We recommend either 50kg jack chain or 3mm 150kg cantenary wire. Both are available from electrical distributors who also stock ranges of purlin clips, bar clips and beam clamps etc.

What does the 'control panel' do ?
Activair ACE heaters require an external control panel and thermostat to function. The control panel contains over current protection, isolation and element controls. See controls for more information.

The air coming from my heater is not as hot as I expected
Most people who are familiar with gas heaters make this comment. The air outlet temperature for an electrical fan heater is much lower than an equivalent  gas heater. They still produce the same amount of heat  but because of their greater airflow distribute it far more rapidly.

I've installed one of your electrical heaters, but my building is no warmer
Assuming the heater is working correctly and the thermostat is set at the required temperature, did you carry out a detailed heat loss calculation ?. This is essential to make sure the heater is big enough to heat the building. Also for efficient heat transfer the air volume of the structure should pass through the heater(s) 3 times per hour. To check divide the total volume of the building (length x width x height) by the heaters airflow.

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