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portable fan heatersportable fan heaters - 230V 1 phase --------------
portable fan heater - single phase 230V

portable fan heater - wall mounted

Portable fan heaters - 230V single phase

Activair single phase portable fan heaters are robust, heavy duty electric heaters, designed for heating and drying in the most arduous conditions. They are available with 3kW or 5kW outputs and feature powerful fans for rapid heat distribution.

Activair portable fan heaters are protected to IP x4, and can safely be used in damp conditions such as found in commercial laundries, etc.

Electrical socket requirements

Activair single phase portable fan heaters are supplied with a 2m mains lead.

The BX3E 3kw model is fitted with a standard 13A UK plug (BS1363) which plugs into a standard domestic socket. It can also be supplied with a 3 pin 16A BS EN60309 plug.

The BX5E 5kw model is only supplied with a 32A BS EN60309 (BS4343, IEC309-2, CEE17) single phase 230V 3 pin plug, which plugs into circular industrial sockets. It cannot be plugged into a standard 13A domestic socket.

Permanent wall mounting

Activair portable fan heaters can be wall mounted (see picture opposite) using the integral stand/ bracket, and permanently connected to the electricity supply via an all pole isolator. Fixed installations must only be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with the 16th ed. of the IEE regulations.

Features of Activair portable fan heaters

Activair portable fan heaters are robust heavy duty units designed to provide years of trouble free operation. Every heater is built to the highest standards and features:
Corrosion resistant casing and stands - manufactured from galvanised steel, coated with a corrosion resistant paint
Maintenance free fan motors – totally enclosed, lubricated, and sealed for life
Long life elements - encapsulated stainless steel tubular elements
Overheat protection - built in safety device with manual reset.
Activair portable fan heaters are completely self contained, they don't need assembling, and are ready to use straight from the box. Each single phase portable fan heater has a built in:
High accuracy capillary thermostat – user adjustable between 0 and 35 C
User switch for controlling the heat output - full heat, half heat, or fan only (for summer cooling)
User switch for fan control – continuous operation, or on/off with the elements
Activair single phase portable fan heaters - specification


Model   BX3E BX5E
Element rating kW 3 5
  Btu/hr 10230 17050
Voltage V 230-1ph 230-1ph
Frequency Hz 50 50
Power stages kW 0 - 1.5 - 3 0 - 3.3 - 5
Maximum current A 13.2 22
Noise dBA 44 47
Air volume m3/h 290 500
Max. temperature rise C 29 28
Built in thermostat C 0 - 35 0 - 35
Power connection
2m lead prewired with
  13A 3 pin UK plug
3 pin 32A industrial blue plug
(BS EN60309)
Plug into a standard 13A 3 pin socket   YES NO!
Protection class   IP X4 IP X4
Weight kg 6.0 6.5
Width mm 275 275
Height mm 320 320
Depth mm 320 320
Price ex. delivery and VAT nbsp; £219.99 £279.99
Price inc. delivery and VAT   quote for portable heaters quote for portable heaters
    immediate delivery immediate delivery

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Activair portable fan heaters - approvals

Activair portable electric fan heater approvals

Activair portable fan heaters have been tested for safety in accordance with the LVD directive, for electro-magnetic interference in accordance with the EMC directive, and are CE marked.

Activair portable fan heaters - 1 year guarantee

Activair portable fan heaters are manufactured to the highest standards, and we are confident that they are totally reliable. However, in the unlikely event a fault may occur, they have a full 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

What size portable fan heaters do I need ?on line heatloss calculator

Before selecting a portable fan heater it is important to carry out a heatloss calculation to determine the size required. See heater size calculations for further details, or use our on line calculator.

Electricity supply requirements for Activair portable fan heaters

Activair portable fan heaters are designed for 230V single phase 50Hz supplies, and are suitable for use in the UK, most of Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but not the United States.

Fitted plugs

The BX5E will not plug into a standard domestic 13A UK socket (BS1363)

Activair BX5E 5Kw single phase portable fan heaters are supplied with 2m power cables terminated with a blue 32A 230V 3 pin single phase plug (BS EN 60309, BS4343). Customers should check they have suitable 32A sockets before ordering.

The BX3E is fitted with a standard 3 pin 13A UK plug ( BS1363) and plugs into a normal domestic socket. For use in factories, workshops, etc. the BX3E can be supplied with a blue 16A 230V 3 pin single phase BS EN60309 plug. Please notify sales if you want a 16A plug fitted when you order.

What you should know before buying a heater:

For more information or a quotation

With insurance companies increasingly rejecting the use of bottled gas heaters in commercial buildings, Activair portable fan heaters are an ideal replacement. They plug into standard electric sockets to provide instant heat wherever it’s needed. Additionally, where suitable sockets are not available they can be wall mounted and permanently connected to the electricity supply.

For a free no obligation quotation click on the red quote buttons above. Or for more information see the most common questions asked about BX portable industrial heaters.

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