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air ducts and ductingActivair air ducts --------------

Activair air ducts

air ducts

Activair air ducts are an adaptable, efficient and economical method of conveying warm or cool air from point to point and distributing it where required.

Adaptable air ducting

Activair air ducting is compatible with most fans, air handling units, heaters and air conditioning units. It can be used as a replacement for metal ductwork, fabric ducting and textile ducting in new systems, and is easily retro-fitted to existing systems to improve their performance.

Activair air ducts are available either as:

  • Plain air ducts - without holes - to convey air from place to place, for instance between sections of metal air ducts, or
  • Perforated air ducts - with holes - to distribute air

Activair polythene layflat ducts are available in 10 diameters from 6in.(150mm) to 30in. (750mm), and are supplied direct from the factory pre-cut to length and ready for installation.

Efficient air mixing and distribution

Achieving efficient air distribution with metal air ducts and grilles is difficult. Using a relatively small number of grilles to distribute air, can lead to drafts, temperature gradients and pockets of stagnant air.

Activair air ducts have numerous small holes in their sides that release air as a series of high pressure jets. These jets mix and distribute the air creating uniform temperatures and air distribution, eliminating above problems.

Inexpensive air ducts

Activair air ducts cost upto 90% less than equivalent metal air ducts, and typically cost 80% less to install. Replacement air ducts can be fitted overnight or at weekends without specialist equipment or personnel, making them ideal for:

  • Temporary installation - with portable fans, air conditioners and heaters
  • Regular replacement - for hygiene in food preparation areas and laboratories
  • Changing environmental conditions - allowing different air distribution patterns for summer and winter

Compared to traditional metal ductwork Activair air ducting has many advantages:

Activair air ducting

Traditional metal ductwork

Low capital and installation cost

Very inexpensive to purchase.

Easy to install.

Quick installation - typically 80% faster than metal ductwork.

High cost

Expensive to purchase.

Requires specialist installation.

4/5 times the man hours to install compared to Activair air ducts.


Easy to handle and install.

Minimal load on building structure.

Easily shipped using low cost carriers.


Specialist handling and lifting equipment required.

Strong suspension points needed, structure may need strengthening.

Transport costs high.

Low maintenance

Activair air ducting will never rust, corrode or rot.

Activair air ducts are resistant to most chemicals, moisture, dust and airborne particles.

High maintenance

Susceptible to rust, corrosion and rot.

Requires expensive specialist cleaning.

Even air distribution

Large numbers of small holes create balanced air distribution.

Draft free ventilation. Even temperatures throughout the building

Spot air distribution

Air distribution limited by diffuser and grille positioning.

Drafts and hot spots caused by diffusers

Low noise

Quiet air diffusion from multiple outlets.

Activair air ducts dampen sound.

High noise

Noise caused by faster air movement at less outlets.

Metal air ducts can vibrate and amplify air and fan noise.

Temporary/Portable Installation

Activair air ducts roll up and store when not required.

Quick removal and re-installation.

Permanent/Fixed Installation

Bulky, difficult to dismantle for storage.

Time consuming to remove and re-erect.


Passes easily around obstructions - joists, piping, trusses, etc.

Activair air ducts deform to pass through tight spaces, between obstructions etc.


Complex designs are needed to avoid obstructions.

Metal air ducts do not deform.

Further information and quotations on Activair air ducts

The Activair air duct system is an inexpensive and adaptable method of conveying air from place to place and distributing it where required. It is used widely used in a diverse range of hvac applications including air conditioning ducting and heating ducts.

For more information see - designing a duct system, and installing air ducts

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