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temporary ducting and ductstemporary ducts and ducting --------------

Temporary ducting for portable structures

Temporary ducting is the most efficient and economical way to distribute air in marquees, portable buildings, polytunnels, large tents etc. Temporary ducting diffuses warm and cold air throughout the structure, reducing temperature gradients, and stopping pockets of stagnant, cold or hot air from forming.

Activair temporary ductingtemporary ducting

Heaters, fans, evaporative coolers and portable air conditioners are frequently used to create a comfortable environment inside temporary structures. Unfortunately their effects are felt only near the air outlet, causing temperature gradients. Also because the air is released at a relatively high velocity, occupants often complain of drafts and noise.

Activair temporary ducting connects directly to the air outlet, and has numerous small circular holes cut into its sides. These holes release air as a series of low velocity jets, which reduce air noise and drafts while distributing the air uniformly throughout the structure. The continual air movement created by the ducts also stops condensation forming on cold surfaces.

The benefits of Activair temporary ducting

Activair temporary ducting is compatible with most makes of warm air heaters, fans, evaporative coolers and portable air conditioners. It is manufactured from lightweight polythene tubing compounded to our own special formula for maximum flexibility, toughness and strength. It is suited for use in temporary structures for several reasons:

Lightweight - less than 0.5kg/m (0.37lb./ft.) - structures do not need strengthening to support the ducts

Low cost - Activair temporary ducting costs upto 80% less than fabric and textile ducts

Quick and easy installation - duct kits contain everything needed to install Activair temporary ducting.

Compact - Activair temporary ducts roll up for storage and transportation

For more information or a quotation on Activair temporary ducting

Activair temporary ducting is successfully used throughout the world to create comfortable living and working conditions for occupants of all types of temporary and portable structures. It quietly and efficiently distributes air for ventilation, heating or cooling in tents, polytunnels, and portable buildings at a fraction of the cost of other temporary ducting systems.

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