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flexible ductsflexible ducts for mushroom growers --------------

Flexible ducts for air distribution

Flexible ducts are an inexpensive, lightweight and efficient method of air distribution, they are used in many industries, including mushroom farming. To produce mushrooms profitably precise control of the mushrooms environment is vital. The flexible ducts must not only be able to distribute air evenly to prevent temperature gradients, but to also ensure air is not blown directly onto the crop.

The advantages of Activair flexible ducts

Activair flexible ducts are manufactured from polythene tubing, and are ideal for use in commercial mushroom growing rooms. They are:
Lightweight - less than 0.5kg/m - so can be suspended overhead, placing negligible load on the structure

Inexpensive - upto 80% cheaper than fabric or textile ducts, allowing regular replacement, to prevent diseases etc.

Efficient - produce uniform air distribution and temperatures, improving crop yield, quality and profitability

Adaptable - individually designed and manufactured, compatible with most makes of heaters, fans etc.

Flexible ducts in a mushroom growing roomflexible ducts in the mushroom industry

The picture shows a typical mushroom growing room, built inside a highly insulated polytunnel. An Activair flexible duct, suspended at ceiling level, runs the length of the room.

Small holes in the sides of the duct create jets of air that mix and distribute the air uniformly. The holes are carefully positioned so that the air is not blown directly onto the crop.

A mixture of fresh and re-circulated air, is heated or cooled as required, and distributed by the flexible duct.

Mushroom growing is divided into four distinct phases:
Pasteurising phase - The compost is packed into trays, bags or containers. The trays are heated to approximately 55C for upto 7 days to kill pests and unwanted fungi. Steam is then injected to raise the temperature to 60C for several hours.

Spawn phase - The cooled compost is mixed with mushroom spawn and repacked. The temperature is held at 20C for 10 to 14 days, ventilation is used to keep the carbon dioxide levels below 6%

Pre-cropping phase - The temperature is maintained between 16 - 18C , and the humidity is kept at around 90%. Careful control of air distribution is critical at this stage - as uniform temperatures are very important,. Air speed over the beds is limited to between 0.03 and 0.05 m/sec.

Cropping phase - The temperature is kept at 16 - 18C, but the humidity level is reduced to between 70 - 95%

For more information or a quotation on Activair flexible ducts

Activair flexible ducts are suitable for air distribution in the most demanding applications, including mushroom farming where poor air distribution means lost profits. Their lightweight, low cost and adaptability make them the perfect choice for use in the highly competitive mushroom industry.

For a free no obligation quotation click this link - layflat ducting - sizes and quotations

See designing a duct system or installing air ducts for further details.

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