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fabric ductingfabric ducting and ducts --------------

Fabric ducting

Fabric ducting is used to distribute warm and cold air in factories, warehouses, cold stores, gymnasiums, etc. often as a direct replacement for traditional sheet metal ducts. Compared to metal ducting fabric ducting is lighter and less expensive. However there are situations where fabric ducting is still too heavy or expensive, and in these cases polythene ducting is an ideal alternative:

Fabric ducting vs. polythene ducting

Cost - polythene ducting is upto 80% cheaper than fabric ducting - making it perfect for temporary installations. Or where ducts need to be regularly replaced, for example, in food processing for hygiene reasons

Weight - polythene ducting is much lighter than fabric ducting. Weighing less than 0.5kg/m it is frequently suspended overhead in polytunnels, military tents, etc.

Ease of handling and installation - Polythene ducting is quick and easy to install. Unskilled workers can install hundreds of meters a day using Activair duct kits

Air distribution - Without frequent laundering fabric ducting becomes clogged - reducing air distribution. The holes in polythene ducting do not clog, thus guaranteeing continuous, efficient and reliable air distribution

A direct replacement for fabric ductinga replacement for fabric ducting

Activair polythene ducting is a direct replacement for fabric ducting. It is widely used as temporary ducting in tents and portable buildings, and in food processing facilities, where its low cost allows regular replacement to maintain hygiene standards.

For more information see, the benefits of air ducts, designing an inflatable duct system and installing air ducts

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