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activair polythene ductingThe uses and applications of activair polythene ducting --------------

layflat duct Layflat width - measured from edge to edge while the duct is deflated.

L/F = 1/2 x circumference

duct diameter Inflated diameter - measured with the duct fully inflated.

Diameter = 7/11 x layflat

plain layflat duct Plain layflat duct - no holes - for conveying air from point to point.

perforated layflat duct Perforated layflat duct - holes along each side - to distribute air.

- - -

Activair layflat ducting

Activair layflat ducting is manufactured from lightweight polythene tubing, compounded to our own special formula for maximum elasticity, flexibility, toughness, and resistance to splitting and tearing.

Activair layflat ducting is unaffected by moisture and most chemicals. It is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth, and is suitable for use in food preparation areas.

Activair layflat ducts are translucent. The layflat ducts are off-white, although the colour varies with lighting conditions and background colours. The Activair logo and website address are printed in black on one side.

Air temperature for Activair layflat ducting

Activair layflat ducts are designed for use with internal air temperatures between 5 and 65C ( 41 to 150F).

Activair inflatable ducting - duct lengths

Plain layflat ducts. Used to convey air from point to point, for instance between sections of metal ductwork i.e. tee-pieces, elbows, spiral ductwork etc.

Length - no minimum. Maximum limited only by roll size and weight

Perforated layflat ducts. For efficient draft free air distribution.

Length - no minimum. Maximum 30.5m (100ft.)
Longer ducts are available but lateral temperature control cannot be guaranteed  -
Try to redesign the duct system using shorter ducts.

Activair inflatable layflat ducting - stock sizes
Layflat Width Inflated Diameter Thickness Request quote
In. mm In. mm Gauge mm Plain Perforated
10 250 6.36 159 250 0.063 quote quote
14 350 8.875 221 500 0.127 quote quote
16 400 10.25 256 500 0.127 quote quote
20 500 12.75 318 500 0.127 quote quote
24 600 15.25 381 500 0.127 quote quote
27 675 17.12 428 500 0.127 quote quote
30 750 19.12 478 500 0.127 quote quote
36 900 22.87 571 500 0.127 quote quote

Accessories for Activair layflat ducts

Duct kits for suspending Activair layflat ducting. One duct kit is required per layflat duct.

Activair duct kits
Duct Kit A For ducts upto 75ft. (23m)  quote
Duct Kit B For ducts upto 150ft. (46m) quote

Metal ductwork ‘tee-pieces’, spiral tubing, elbows, reducers and air flow straighteners.

Axial fans A range of industrial axial fans, specially designed for use with Activair layflat ducting.

Quotations for Activair layflat ducting

To ensure orders are processed and dispatched quickly we hold large stocks of raw materials at our UK factory.

For optimum performance every layflat duct is individually designed and manufactured using the unique Activair polythene ducting system. The layflat ducts are supplied cut to length, and ready for installation.

Because Activair polythene layflat ducting is so light, it can be economically delivered direct from the factory, worldwide within a few days, using express freight carriers.

Before requesting a quotation please ensure you have the following information ready:

Contact our sales dept.
1) Number of layflat ducts required
2) Length of each duct
3) Diameter or layflat width of each duct
4) Whether the ducts should be supplied ‘plain’ or ‘perforated’

For a free no obligation quotation, click on the red ‘quote’ buttons, or download a quotation request.

For more information on Activair layflat ducts

What is polythene ducting ?
Why use polythene air ducts ?
Designing an inflatable duct system

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