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textile ductingtextile ducting --------------

Textile ducting

Textile ducting is widely used for cold air distribution in food preparation areas, cool rooms, stores etc. However for hygiene reasons it has to be regularly removed, laundered and re-fitted, which is a time consuming and expensive process. By replacing textile ducting with polythene ducting significant time and monetary savings can be achieved.

Textile ducting vs. Polythene ducting

Textile ducting has been used in food preparation and storage facilities for many years. Since the early 1990’s however, polythene ducting has started to replace it. This is because it has several important advantages over textile ducting:

Cost - polythene ducting cost’s upto 80% less than textile ducting (typically less than 0.90 per ft.). Which means rather than having the ducts regularly sterilized and laundered - which is expensive - they can be replaced

Efficiency - polythene ducting doesn’t clog up like textile ducting, which reduces the air distribution efficiency

Time saving - Polythene ducts are very light - less than 0.5kg/m - unskilled workers can replace a polythene duct in less than an hour, minimising down time

Hygiene - Activair polythene ducting is manufactured from a material similar to food storage bags and are totally hygienic

Direct replacement - Activair polythene ducts are a direct replacement for non-permeable textile ducts, no modifications to the existing air distribution system should be needed.

Activair polythene ducts can also be used to replace permeable textile ducts, but air filters should be installed at the air inlet of each duct.

A replacement for textile ductinga replacement for textile ducting

Activair polythene ducts can be used to replace textile ducting in systems where the air temperature is between 5 and 12C. Because it is inexpensive and quick and easy to replace significant time and money savings are achievable.

For more information see the benefits of polythene air ducts or for a quotation see polythene ducting - sizes

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